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Mermaids is a support group for children and teenagers who have their own gender identity issues, also their families etc.  Our remit (and our lack of relevant experience) prevents us from helping the children of adults who are transgendered, unless those children also may be considered to be gender variant.  From time to time we occasionally receive requests for help for children who are troubled by a parent’s transgenderism, or who need some form of help and support whilst they adjust.  This document contains all the current information that is available to us, and is intended to be used as a factsheet.  If anyone has any further information that could be usefully added to this, please let us know!


Depend (  email  – this is a support group for the loved ones of transsexual people, it runs several  email lists with varied remits. There is a family list, but so far the youngest member is about 13.  It’s for UK people only. Although as Depend is a support group for the loved ones of transsexual people, we don’t have enough personal experience to be able to really help – we’d possibly  need to be transpeople with the experience of transitioning whilst our children were still minors, in order to be able to provide the right kind of information and support.  There are also two partners lists (for the partners of FTM and MTF transpeople).  These are listed on the Depend website

For those in the UK there is help to be had for children who are having problems associated with having a parent who is trans, from the Gender Identity Development Unit at the Tavistock Clinic – this is NHS.  They will act as expert witness in court cases too (not NHS), as well as seeing children and teens with their own gender issues (NHS). (also see Books, below – A Stranger In My Own Body))

The Gender Identity Development Service
The Tavistock Clinic, 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BE    tel 020 8938 2030


Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES): This registered
charity provides publications that:

  • Give readily comprehensible explanations, of gender identity development
    and transsexualism, to children in the preteen or teenage groups who have a
    trans parent.
  • Help clinicians, school administrators and other professionals to support
    children who have a parent experiencing gender discomfort and transsexualism or are themselves experiencing gender identity development issues.  This material explains the origin of these conditions and their effect on the parent, the child and other members of the family.
  • Imbue understanding and tolerance in the peer groups of children who have a
    trans parent or are themselves experiencing gender identity development
  • Advise trans parents on how to obtain Court help in maintaining contact
    with their children in cases where a partner is denying proper access. – 01372 801554


Perhaps WOBS )Women of the Beaumont Society) may also be able to offer advice…  They also run a yahoo group:


And there are email lists for trans people who are parents starting to pop up….   –  some useful resource links


You may also find useful information at Abigail Garner’s Families Like Mine site:
This site has message boards for people dealing with kids & family:

There’s a Kids of Trans tag for this blog, too:


COLAGE does a lot of work with LGBT parents, & coming out:
They have specific information on how to come out to your kids:


More information here: the Straight spouse network

(this is USA based but has a UK branch)


Children of lesbians and gays everywhere  UK contact: Anna Carlsson
Email: Mobile: 07752 418947


Transfamily is based in the USA but may be helpful – their website is comprehensive and they run various email lists. –  lists resources  – a list of assorted resources.


Fluff the Bunny – this is a children’s story, which may be helpful for younger children. ures.html#three  – use search facility for relevant articles.   Transsexuals’ Children, a paper by R Green.




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