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This is a group for TV/CD/TS girls & Boys in and around Gloucester. The idea is to deal with the lack of TG friendly social outlets in the Gloucester area. “Naturally it would be great to have a t-friendly bar in Gloucester, but we all thought that won’t happen (!)”,,,,, we now have three venues, two in Gloucester, two in Bristol, one in Bath and one in Cheltenham.

I thought it could be cool to set this group up and hopefully it will lead to get-togethers, parties, visits etc. There is nothing more rewarding or enjoyable than being able to dress around other t-girls without fear of people taking the p*ss or ‘outing’ you. This group is for that. Hopefully we can arrange a regular house gathering weekly or fortnightly (offers of location welcome!) and this can be our ‘place to go’ to dress and be around others that dress.

I should mention that the idea of this group is not as a contact service for naughtiness! It is to allow girls like us to get together and chat in comfort, safety, and, most importantly, in the clothes we want to wear.

Lastly and probably least, it is unimportant how convincing you are. We don’t care if you are less convincing than a wrestler that has eaten a lipstick, you are still welcome here. This group is about being a t-girl or boy, not being convincing, because let’s face it, none of us are on close inspection!!

Anyway, please join, and please post a picture on your profile, and please, make it a picture of something other than private parts x Steph

“To be acknowledged for who and what I am,
No more, no less,
Not for acclaim , not for approval,
But the simple truth of recognition.
This has been the elemental drive of my existence
And it must be achieved
If I am to live, or die, with dignity.”

Andrew,(Bi-cenTenial Man)