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Is a useful american hair removal forum!


Why a separate site?

Hairfacts is my main site. It’s based on verifiable  hair removal facts you can go check yourself.

HairTell is about consumer experiences with hair removal, which are often not possible to verify and are not scientific. Although most consumers here are honest and helpful, due to the nature of the internet, a few bad apples might be giving bogus hair removal information. I invite you to head to the hair removal forums and  register for free!

Available hair removal forums

Temporary hair removal methods

Depilation (removing part of the hair above the skin’s surface) lasting several hours to several days:

 Shaving (manually or with electric shavers)
 Depilatories (creams or “shaving powders” which chemically dissolve hair)
 Friction (rough surfaces used to buff away hair)

Epilation (removing the entire hair) lasting several days to several weeks:

 Rotary epilators (devices which rapidly grasp hairs and pull them out by the root)
 Threading (also called fatlah or khite, in which a twisted thread catches hairs as it’s rolled across the skin)
 Waxing (a hot or cold layer is applied and then removed with porous strips)
 Sugaring (similar to waxing, but with a sticky paste)

“Permanent” hair removal methods

Here, you have several imperfect options. Permanently destroying the areas that regulate hair growth while sparing surrounding tissue is a difficult challenge.

 Professional electrolysis (permanent hair removal for most, if done properly)
 Home electrolysis (permanent hair removal for some, if done properly)

 Laser and light-based hair removal (permanent hair reduction for some if done properly- only with certain devices)

 Prescription oral medications (lasting hair inhibition for many, but requires continuous use)
 Prescription topical Vaniqa (lasting hair inhibition for many, but requires continuous use)

Restricted hair removal methods

 Photodynamic therapy (PDT) (experimental)
 X-ray hair removal (banned in the United States for cosmetic use)
 Gene therapy (experimental)

Doubtful hair removal methods

These methods have not been subjected to enough rigid scientific scrutiny to back their claims of effectiveness.

 Electric tweezers
 Transdermal hair removal
 Transcutaneous hair removal patches
 Microwave hair removal
 Foods and dietary supplements
 Non-prescription hair inhibitors, hair retardants, or hair growth inhibitors

Hair removal tips

 Reducing pain
 Skin care and avoiding side effects
 Saving money on hair removal
 Improving hair removal effectiveness

Special topics and conditions:

 Razor bumps, shaving bumps, pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB)
 Bodybuilding and hair removal
 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and hair removal
 Transgender, transsexual, and intersex hair removal issues
 Mature topics (statement of age and registration required)
 Emotional issues
 Suggestions, comments, criticisms

Up-to-date information

 Government regulation
 Hair removal breaking news


 Medical specialists (dermatologists, endocrinologists, etc.)
 Laser hair removal practitioners
 Professional waxing, threading, brow shaping, etc.
 Lawyers (consumer injury and consumer fraud)