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Iffy Middleton

Iffy Middleton
Nurse Specialist – Gender Services

I first qualified in 1978 as an Enrolled Nurse before completing my conversion to First level registration in 1992. In 2003 I became the first nurse specialist in Gender Care at CXH.

I am currently a Gender Nurse Specialist and based in the London Gender Identity Clinic. I work along side the team of specialists there and my interest lies within Endocrinology and pre surgery advice and post operative surgical care.

I have recently been appointed on to the Royal College of Nursing – Task and Finish group for Trans Gender.

I have done various presentations at both professionals’ medical and non-medical gatherings.

I also have diplomas in Psychology and Criminology.

Services offered:
Pre surgical advice (half hour to hourly appointments)
Post Surgical advice (half hourly to hourly appointments)
Weight Loss advice (half hour appointments)
Administration of injections: Testosterone, Zoladex, Decapeptyl – supplied by patients via their doctor. (twenty minute appointments)
Phlebotomy (on-site blood taking) (twenty minute appointments)
Injections of local anesthesia prior to genital electrolysis, including infiltration to scrotal area. Includes anaesthesia provided by nurse and pre and post injection blood pressure assessment. (half hour appointments)

20 minute appointment – £30
30 minute appointment – £50
45 minute appointment – £75
Phlebotomy – £30 (consultation fee included)
Injections – £30 (consultation fee included)
Local anaesthetic – £50 (facial anaesthesia not available)

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