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National Trans Police Association

The National Trans Police Association is passionate to assist the Trans Community in feeling safe in reporting crime, especially crimes and incidents of transphobic hate.  However, the NTPA can only give advice in these situations as we are neither in a position to take these crimes on line, nor do we have the staff available to give that service the justice it deserves.  We have however given definitions of what a hate crime and a hate incident are below, and we hope this will help you decide to take that step and report it.

The NTPA is working closely with many support organisations that are local to you, regardless of where you are in the United Kingdom.  We are also working closely with forces and organisations throughout the UK that also have online and third party reporting facilities.

Both these facilities of on line and third party mean that if you wish to report a matter to the police and wish to remain anonymous, or do not wish to pursue a complaint, then you can report incidents and crimes through of these systems.

Hate is a Crime, don't ignore it report it! Lastly the reporting of incidents and crimes are the only way that the police service can be aware that crime is happening, especially towards members of the Transgender community.  Our community in the UK is the fourth largest where crimes of hate still go unreported and we want this to change, so please trust in the police and help us to stamp out hate, before it takes hold.

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