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The Gender Identity Clinic

Service summary

The Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) in Hammersmith (sometimes known as the Charing Cross GIC) is the largest and oldest gender identity clinic in the world and has been in operation since the 1960s.

We accept referrals from all over the UK and deal with a wide variety of people who have issues around their gender. We’ve been around for a long time so many of our practices have evolved over the years (and continue to evolve), and quite a few myths have grown by word of mouth and the internet.

Hopefully this website and your own experience will show that we provide a service that is tailored to you, but that is guided and structured by our professional expertise and high quality standards of care.

Attending the GIC can be stressful. We’ll always do our best to make you feel supported, but we can’t always be available at the moment when things get difficult. It’s generally beneficial to try to make the rest of your life as smooth running as possible. This might include getting your finances in order, having some kind of steady employment, voluntary or paid, or attending full or part-time education. You might have an unpaid occupation such as caring for children or being a carer requiring general liaison with various agencies.

You may be encouraged to take up a full or part-time job if you do not already have one. We understand that for some people it can be daunting to make new contacts and friends when you have gender issues, but experiencing life in a reassigned gender role is important before making irreversible decisions. Having friends as well as professionals to support you through any changes will also make the process much easier.

Not everybody who sees us wants or needs to transition to another gender. We are quite happy to accept appropriate referrals before a person has transitioned as we make no assumptions about the best course of action for any given individual. There is no expectation that a person will transition after they’ve been referred to us. Support around transition, hormones, surgery etc are all possibilities that can be discussed when you see us.

Web Site:

The Gender Identity Clinic
179 – 183 Fulham Palace Road, London, W6 8QZ
Tel: 020 8483 2801

Mon – Fri, 9am to 5pm
Parking: Pay and display on local roads

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