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Is a useful american hair removal forum!   Why a separate site? Hairfacts is my main site. It’s based on verifiable  hair removal facts you can go check yourself. HairTell is about consumer experiences with hair removal, which are often not possible to verify and are not scientific. Although most consumers here are honest and helpful, due to the […]

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Stephanie Groves

I am a generic psychotherapist, based in Bristol and Glastonbury.  I don’t divide people into issues or problems.  I am deeply interested in how we all find creative ways of living our lives, whatever our experience. I have more than 20 years experience of working as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, with individuals, young people, couples […]

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Somerset Electrolysis

Unwanted hair is a problem for most people somewhere on their bodies at sometime in their lives. Unwanted facial hair affects most people regardless of gender, age, race or hair colour. For most it is a taboo subject that can be a minor irritation to a major source of anxiety and distress.

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