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CX Gender Identity Clinic Support Group

This group is open to both F2M & M2F trans people, and any other Persons diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria who are, have been, or will be, using the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic

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This is a group for TV/CD/TS girls & Boys in and around Gloucester. The idea is to deal with the lack of TG friendly social outlets in the Gloucester area. “Naturally it would be great to have a t-friendly bar in Gloucester, but we all thought that won’t happen (!)”,,,,, we now have three venues, […]

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Avon and Somerset Police

If you are cross dressed and out for the evening and you are stopped by the police, don't panic

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National Trans Police Association

The National Trans Police Association is passionate to assist the Trans Community in feeling safe in reporting crime, especially crimes and incidents of transphobic hate.  However, the NTPA can only give advice in these situations as we are neither in a position to take these crimes on line, nor do we have the staff available […]

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Stephanie Groves

I am a generic psychotherapist, based in Bristol and Glastonbury.  I don’t divide people into issues or problems.  I am deeply interested in how we all find creative ways of living our lives, whatever our experience. I have more than 20 years experience of working as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, with individuals, young people, couples […]

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Iffy Middleton

Iffy Middleton Nurse Specialist – Gender Services I first qualified in 1978 as an Enrolled Nurse before completing my conversion to First level registration in 1992. In 2003 I became the first nurse specialist in Gender Care at CXH. I am currently a Gender Nurse Specialist and based in the London Gender Identity Clinic. I […]

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Dr Leighton J Seal

Dr Leighton Seal is one of the UK’s most expert clinicians in the hormones of sex and gender.

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Dr Stuart Lorimer

Dr Stuart Lorimer is one of the UK’s foremost clinical specialists in the diagnosis and management of gender dysphoria.

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The Gender Identity Clinic

Service summary The Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) in Hammersmith (sometimes known as the Charing Cross GIC) is the largest and oldest gender identity clinic in the world and has been in operation since the 1960s.

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Somerset Electrolysis

Unwanted hair is a problem for most people somewhere on their bodies at sometime in their lives. Unwanted facial hair affects most people regardless of gender, age, race or hair colour. For most it is a taboo subject that can be a minor irritation to a major source of anxiety and distress.

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